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Mar 16, 2011

I'm super Cool! (akin to Superman but without the tights)

        Hey wonderful people! I just hit One Hundred pageviews on my blog today! EEEEEEEEPP!!! So very excited. Funny thing tho... the only comment I've gotten has been from my brother, and I told him to comment. chuckle. And feedback was kind of the original point of this blog. haha. oh well.  
        I've gotten views now from lots of countries. of course, I've gotten the most from the woderfully entertainment obsessed U.S. But I've also gotten views from the UK, Canada, Russia, India, Japan (God help them to recover the people who are lost and bless them for being so honorable in this terrible time of chaos and terror), Hungary, Philippines, and Malaysia! thanks for viewing and please keep it up. -Jacqui 

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  1. And please, if you possibly can, give what you can to help the people of Japan. Even ten bucks to the Red Cross will help.