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Mar 5, 2011

this is Sean, Kimi's brother. little does she know... this is part of chapter one

        I want freedom. Freedom for myself and my sister. I wish there was no such thing as “the system,” there to determine we are unable to care for ourselves. I’m as capable as any middle-aged man in taking care of myself and my family. Probably more so than many. I mean, how many can say that they can control fire and wind with their minds? Not many. None, in fact. I can make anything, even rock, burst into flames just by picturing it. I can sense heat of any kind, like a sixth sense. It started as just the fire bending, but now I can control the flow of wind around me, the same way I do fire. I imagine the small atoms in the air beginning to move and create the vacuum that pulls more air into its place. Soon there is a small breeze blowing. I’ve been working on getting more control and power over it. As far as I know, there is no other person on this planet who has these strange abilities. And no one, not even my little sister Kimi, knows that I posses them. I don’t know if she would believe me. And others would take me and lock me up and study me like some strange and exotic creature they don’t understand. And they would take me away from Kimi, leaving her alone. We’re orphans. Alone, besides each other. And I will never do anything to leave her alone and unprotected. As long as I’m there, she’s safe. But she can be a handful. She’s often oblivious to any kind of danger, and she’s very bold and independent. And she’s kind of snarky and sarcastic, which doesn’t always endear her to the people in charge of her. Especially the government workers. For some reason, they’ve hung around us our whole lives. Like they were waiting for something to happen. And they aren’t the typical orphan workers. They look rather out of place. I’ve seen a couple packing guns. I wonder… No. They couldn’t know what I can do. I’ve never done it anywhere near anyone, or left any strange markings from when I’ve explored what I can do. When these strange “abilities” began appearing, I realized that now, instead of being a helpless orphan, I could do anything! And best of all, I wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to protect Kimi anymore. It’s strange, though I’m seventeen, and Kimi’s almost fifteen, we’ve never been separated or put in foster homes. Never adopted. No one has even so much as mentioned it. Almost as if they don’t want us to leave the system, where they can keep an eye on us. I’m probably just being paranoid, but that is exactly how it feels. As if we’re being kept in a disguised prison. Well, I could imagine nicer disguises, but at least we’re together. 


  1. Very intriguing. Easy to read too.

  2. tanks anonymous! i was trying to make it easy to follow so readers would be caught up in the story instead of the rhetoric. Glad to know it at least worked a little bit! ;)